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Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels are a newer category available in window coverings. Simulating the look of Japanese Shoji Panels they are well suited for taller openings and sliding doors. Available in many fabrics, styles and colors as well as different opacity levels. Sliding panels are a great choice for those interested in modern or oriental influences in their design. Often used as room dividers as well. Different panel width sizes and center or one way tracks are specified.


Sliding Panels for Modern Influence 


Sliding Gliss Sliding Panels 


Silent Gliss Kvadrat Sliding Panels 

General Product Guide
Styles: modern, contemporary, eclectic, oriental 
Best For: sliding doors, large openings or used as a substitute for curtains
Single Shade Max. Size: 196 x 132" 
Function: panels move sideways, center or one way opening stacking
Panel Sizes: approx. 20 - 40" in width 
Fabric Types: screens, sheers, cottons, many fabrics in opaque and semi-opaque 
Pricing: $$$ 
Average Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks


Sliding Panel in Various Colors 

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