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Modern Precious Metals®

Only Hunter Douglas aluminum horizontal blinds offer the best options in color, texture, design and most importantly, light control. Choose classic, elegant aluminum blinds in micro (1/2"), mini (1"), and macro (2"). Styles include the advanced design of Lightlines® with the new exclusive de-Light™ feature that blocks out the light ordinary mini blinds can't, and SoftSuede®, a beautiful new finish which combines the warm look of suede with a unique richness of color.

With its revolutionary patent-pending design, Reveal™ with MagnaView™ offers twice the view-through of an ordinary horizontal blind. Tilted closed, it resembles a regular blind. However, the slats nest together when tilted open to provide maximum access to natural lighting and your outside view.


Hunter Douglas Celebrity® Mini Blinds


Reveal™ with MagnaView™


Reveal™ with MagnaView™

General Product Guide
Styles: contemporary, modern, traditional, office
Best For: windows, sliding doors, Reveal™ with
MagnaView™ for windows with views
Single Shade Max. Size: 192 x 90
Function: slats lift or drop and stack on each other
Slat Sizes: 1/2", 1", and 2"
Slat Material: Aluminum
Pricing: $
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks

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