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Country Woods®

For warmth, durability, and versatility, Country Woods® blinds are the natural choice for almost any decor. Like fine furniture, wood blinds reflect a lasting level of quality and craftsmanship in a superior window covering. Choose from a wide variety of colors, slat sizes, tapes and decorative trims, cornices and much more. These woods provide the optimum balance of strength, lightness of weight, and stain acceptance. One-inch and two-inch slat sizes are available in a wide selection of stained and painted wood finishes.


Hunter Douglas Country Woods® Genuine Woods 


Country Woods® Expose 2 1/2" Slats 


Country Woods® Specialty Shapes 

General Product Guide 
Styles: traditional, contemporary, modern 
Best For: windows, French Doors 
Single Shade Max. Size: Widest 6" - Tallest 120" (large blinds may have to be done as multiple blinds due to weight limitations). 
Function: lifts up to headrail, slats rotate up and down
Slat Sizes: 1", 1 3/8", 2", 2 1/2", 2 5/8"
Pricing: $$
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks 


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