The shutters look good...I'm very satisfied....your installer is a nice guy and did a great job. He is a real asset to
your business.
Eduard Koch
I love all of our Key's house window treatments ...we are getting lots of compliments. Will try to keep on
passing along referrals.
I love when you guys see something and call us about it before proceeding. It really makes us feel like you guys
are such team players. We really appreciate that!
Beatriz Bronis
Cary Fernandez
Fernandez Brena Interior Design
As you may have seen in some pictures in our Portfolio Page we have had the privilege of offering our services to
several interior designers, decorators, and others. Please visit their websites/e-mail below by placing cursor over
their logos to be directed to their sites or email.
Many thanks for all your hard work...when I got home last night I was soooooooo thrilled with the results. I look
forward to working with you one day soon and I certainly recommend your work with confidence.
Ginger Jochem
interior designer
Great working with you on the living room makeover for my client.The shutters are the stars of the makeover!
I'll continue to recommend you whenever I can! This makeover should air on Channel 7 this Friday night
during the 10 pm newscast.
Martin Amado